my poetry, thoughts and feelings hope you enjoy

Dec 09

Self explode

Whir-pooled back into reality, this escape has really done me some justice but to what extent. Coming back I feel things are changing which is ok cause it is the way of the world. How to make those adjustments to change is the key to keeping everything ok. I am currently fresh out of ideas, how do I make it interesting again? Feeling it is slipping away I panic and try to hard trying to keep things stable but in all reality I will do nothing but make the situation worse. Then how do I switch the roles or at least even these feelings out! Maybe I should just continue who I’m supposed to be and let time do its justice if it’s not meant to be its not meant to be. I know if she had the smallest feeling I felt this way she would judge and consider otherwise. So what to do? I’m just going to keep it cool, karma thank you make it as painless as possible. The end.

Dec 17

relax wake the fuck up smell the mother fucking coffee. That’s the way the saying goes huh. I woke up and know what the coffee smells like but there is sickness going around telling you senses something else that is not really there. My minds become a battle field between truth and assumption. Though I know who is more sound the evil won’t seem to stop. So never stop fighting when you know what the true good really is

Sep 11

always waking up on the wrong side of the bed

you go to bed at night knowing she cares and loves for you, then insecurities come back to haunt you when you awake. Could it be bad nightmares that I can’t remember, what in those seven hours could happen to make your mind change, then you waste the new day trying to figure out whether that special person still feels the same as she did the night before…

Sep 09

venting the mind to find a calmer place

I need to awake of this spell, distrust needs to stop now, how can one govern thy self and still not control these feelings he wishes he didn’t possess, sleep it off the doctor said, but woke up feeling no different, give it time he says I hope your right because she is a special one and for feelings to go out of control for something so petty would be outrageous, time will tell but let’s hope ones not wasting it away